• 24Sep 2014

    Landing Pages that Really Work

    Business | Design | By Jake Pelfrey

    Are you introducing a new product but are not ready to launch? Perhaps you would like to gain valuable insights about your customers, grow a client database, or even draw interest to your upcoming product. A landing page is a great way to introduce your product or service to potential consumers or clients. Good landing pages bring necessary awareness, but great landing pages make you more money. These days, the most popular landing pages are pre-launch sites for pre-market mobile apps.

    Recently, Clockwerk Designs created two landing pages for two companies planning a business launch in the Asian Market. They both had similar goals. First, each company wanted a silent brand preview to excite customers about their upcoming service, Secondly, they wanted to attract customer email addresses and save them to a database so that they could easily contact their prospects.

    So we set out designing and developing a landing page that followed key principles that would end up producing fantastic results. These principles included:

    Embrace the Culture and Aesthetics of the Company

    The age old adage is true; people judge books by the cover and the same goes for landing pages. It is imperative to develop a landing page that embraces the aesthetic culture of the company because the landing page will be a user’s first perception of the company. For example, Conrad Properties is a luxury property management company that specializes in tropical properties. With this in mind, we set out to develop a landing page that would embrace his company’s culture. This landing page highlights a tropical location with a simple call to action; “Subscribe”. Simple is better here because his company focuses on relaxation and simplicity. Therefore, his branding and landing page should embrace these important cultural points.

    Conrad Properties Landing Page
    Conrad Properties Landing Page

    Keep it Above the Fold Most of the Time

    The most important information about your company should be the first thing the user reads. Keeping it above the fold means that users should not have to scroll a mile down to find relevant information. Landing pages should be direct, easy to understand and offer a simple call to action. You never want to include more than one call to action. Your website can have many, but your landing page should have one. This principle is solid to abide by most of the time. However, you may notice new designer trends using innovative scrolling techniques. Most recognized are app promoting landing pages that use various scrolling effects. These pages work because each scrolling action takes you to a new screen highlighting fluid information. Often, when a user reaches the end of the page they can click a simple, “back to the top” button to scroll all the way back to the top. For an example, look at the screen below.

    Asian Business Network Landing Page
    Asian Business Network Landing Page

    Clear and Simple

    We despise landing pages that make the user work. Your landing page should not be a mystery to the user. Tell the user what you offer, why they should want it and then give them a chance to act. Clear and simple sentences help readers feel like they can take the time to read what you are telling them about. Try your best to compress your sentences.

    Friends once challenged Ernest Hemingway, the great American novelist, to write a story using only six words. He accepted that challenge and wrote….

    For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.

    As you read Hemingway’s six-word story, did you feel something? A buzz in the brain? A tug at the heart? A gut feeling?

    Sentences written right are powerful and compel the user to act.

    Payfriendz Landing Page
    Payfriendz Landing Page

    Be Personal, Have Personality

    Personal landing pages that emphasize you or your company’s personality are more trustworthy than that standard, boring landing page that any pre-teen can develop using second hand software. Your personal touch makes your service more relatable to prospects. Always strive for credibility. A fantastic way to show credibility is to highlight testimonials of past clients. Just make sure the testimonials are genuine. Stray away from cheesy stock photography and fabricated content.

    Peak Landing Page
    Peak Landing Page

    Landing pages are a great way to build anticipation before a product launch. Yet, in order to obtain maximum results they must be designed and developed correctly. Clockwerk Design specializes in creating beautiful and functional landing pages that yield results. Don’t believe us? Check out our case-studies. Request a quote for a Clockwerk Designed landing page, here.


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